uInvest 1.0

uInvest 1.0: Easily analyze the performance of any investment. investments. - Plot investment parameters over time. - Improve investment buy / sell / hold decisions. - Identify when investment performance varies from projected goals and take actions accordingly. Analysis and comparison of all investment types and combinations is available including: Equity / Share investments. Property / Real Estate investments. Cash investments. Retirement funds. Recurring investments. Capital Growth and Income investments.

Diamond Investment 1.0: Diamond Investment a new trend of long term investment plan in the market.
Diamond Investment 1.0

investment yield. We provide trade and manufacture diamonds on a daily basis. Diamonds and gold both are hard assets and considered to be investments that glitter. While many opt for gold trade as a traditional tool for investment, today’s investor fast understands the growing importance of diamonds as a concentrated value source and as a good tool for diversification. The real value of Diamond Investment is an important hard asset; investment

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Amateur Invest 2010A+: Money, Stock & Portfolio Management. Easy to use. FREE price / quote updates.
Amateur Invest 2010A+

Invest. - Invest like a Pro... Let no internet site know your private economy. - Keep your investments private! Manage all your personal finances in one program. Features include: - Portfolio/Investment Manager - Securities: stocks, bonds, mutual funds - Free current prices via the internet - Historic prices - Scrolling Stock Ticker - Investment Advisor - Technical Analysis - Stock/Company data - Full Bank section including budgetting - Graphs, reports

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Investment Property 1.0: Investment property toolbar for Internet Explorer.
Investment Property 1.0

Investment property toolbar for Internet Explorer. Find properties that you can invest in. Easily find all the Charlotte, NC investment property information that you need. Find out the most affordable and appreciating real estate market in the country. Find the right people who will take the time to assess your investment goals and educate you on investment property and strategies.

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Art Investment Calculator 2.2: Art Investment Calculator - Investment Hunters
Art Investment Calculator 2.2

The wealthy invest in art because they know it can return a substantial profit over time. Even though art is an investment and an asset, it can also be enjoyed as a show piece while owning it. The Art Investment Calculator analyzes and evaluates investment opportunities.

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How to Invest in Real Estate 1.2: Real Estate Investing Toolbar for the serious investor.
How to Invest in Real Estate 1.2

Real Estate Investing Toolbar designed to make your browsing and real estate investing fun. It has some awesome features including a scrolling RSS feed from a noted investment authority. The Real Estate Investing Toolbar also features an investment calculator, and a pull down menu of your own favorite RSS feeds.

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Free Pay Down Debt or Invest Calculator 4.5.1: A free pay off debt or invest calculator for Windows.
Free Pay Down Debt or Invest Calculator 4.5.1

You have some extra cash and wonder whether to pay off debt or to invest it. It`s a decision some make without careful consideration. But it has long term consequences. This free calculator shows you the future effects of an investment versus the effects of paying down a current debt. You need only three number: the amount available to invest, the anual interest rate on your current debt, and your investment`s annual return.

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